Co-Founder of Diana's Mexican Food

Samuel F. Magana

I am profoundly saddened to announce that my Father and our co-founder Samuel F. Magana, passed away last week.

Samuel was a visionary and a fundamental pillar of the Mexican food industry in Los Angeles. His passion, energy, and dedication, in both the company and community, are immeasurable. He has touched the lives of thousands of Angelenos and people in his native Mexico.

As an immigrant he came to this country with nothing but a dream to provide a better future for himself and his family. Together with my Mother they accomplished more than they could have imagined.

He never stopped identifying with the working-class immigrant and was passionate about lifting them up. He founded an organization that helps adults with their literacy and education, he helped bring new construction and prosperity to his rural hometown, and he financed an organization that helps battered women and children with special needs.

Samuel loved his family, this company, and the community. He was an exemplary role model and is already greatly missed.

His actions will carry on for many generations.

Samuel Magaña Jr.

Samuel F Magana